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Easy Fit Pallet Racking Safety Deflectors

JOG Consultants Easy Fit Racking Deflectors

Our easy fit pallet racking deflectors are designed to form a protective barrier and help protect the racking upright from damage. They provide a visible and protective bumper that deflects the force of a hand powered / electric pallet truck or fork lift truck.


All orders are dispatched within 24 hours via the DHL Next Day fully tracked service.

wrap around pallet racking protection sizes
wrap around pallet racking protection top view
wrap around pallet racking protection installation

Our racking deflectors are available for immediate dispatch in the two most popular sizes racking sizes. 70 – 83mm and 79 – 92mm. Simply measure the width of the front of the racking upright and select the deflector that is within your range. If you have a heavy duty system with a larger racking upright we may still be able to help. Please contact us.

Our slim line racking deflectors are 45mm deep which keeps aisle and bay intrusion to a minimum and will not impact aisle accessibility for narrow aisle reach trucks.


Our deflectors are made from a highly visible yellow impact resistant Polyethylene Compounded Plastic and certified to impact loads specified in European Standard EN 15512-2009.

They are weatherproof to -35°C making them suitable for outdoor or cold store use and chemical resistant making them suitable for chemical and agricultural stores.

They will not rust or bend, preventing them from being removed easily in the future.


Our moulded pallet racking deflectors are designed to easily fit to your existing pallet racking system. Simply wrap the protection deflector around the front of the pallet upright and secure the protector with the included velcro straps.

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