UK Racking Safety Inspections

Industry leading Pallet & Bespoke Racking Safety Inspections

Contrary to popular belief racking inspections are not a legal requirement, they are however recommended to ensure racking is safe to use under the PUWER (Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulation) 1998 Regulations and Heath and Safety Act 1974 as well as being recommended by JOG Consultants.

What makes the JOG Consultants Safety Inspection Different?
  • Over the years we have designed thousands of racking systems, supplied and installed even more racking and racking protection systems
  • As independent racking suppliers we have used every major racking system on a very personal level, we know how they should be installed, how they should look, how they should operate and the difference between a minor issue and a major concern. 
  • Our safety racking inspection are based on experience and knowing the difference between right and wrong.
  • Our racking inspections are an independent service; we provide you with the inspection report complete with drawings, plans and material lists and leave it with you. 
  • We only provide racking replacements as an additional service, whether you want these from us or from another company is totally up to you.   

Racking Safety Inspections and Warehouse Health and Safety

JOG Consultants are big on health and safety. We need to know that once we have installed a new racking system that it will be used as instructed, that all machinery operators are comfortable with the racking and that all client safety issues are resolved. In our eyes racking safety inspections are about ensuring this. They also ensure that your existing racking systems are safe to use and suitable for kind of pressure it may undertake. 

Whether we are making a one off racking inspection or have an annual contract with yourselves, you are guaranteed the same comprehensive service. 

Our racking safety inspection service is an independent service. We provide racking drawings with any damage issues addressed with plans, full material replacement list and potential hazards highlighted. Our findings are based on what we conceive to be a potential hazard from 30 years experience in the industry, it’s an honest service from an honest North East based company providing a UK service.

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