Drive In Pallet Racking

Suitable for long term storage of pallets

What is a drive in pallet racking system?

Drive In Racking System is an ideal pallet racking system from pallets which are slow moving, have a long storage history of for items which are delivered and dispatched in batches. and where accessibility is not an issue.

Drive-In Racking Pallets sit on ‘runners’ designed for specific pallet sizes minimising potential damage to racking and considerably extending the rack life.

Benefits of Drive-In Pallet Racking

Increases capacity by 60-80% over adjustable pallet racking and can also be designed with access from both ends to create a ‘drive through’ system.  

Adjustable pallet racking systems are usually accessed using a forklift truck or reach truck. For more information on goods lifting Drive In Racking Systems can be used with a number of fork lift and reach trucks and a guide rail designed with steel, wire or magnets restricts sideways movement of machinery, preventing frame damage.

We are Newcastle based pallet racking suppliers and installers, as such a majority of our pallet racking projects are around the North East of England and Scottish Borders, however we do have a number of clients based all over the UK and are happy to travel nationwide to offer our competitive pallet racking services.  

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