Mobile Racking Systems

100% accessibility – utilise 95% space

What is Mobile Racking?

Mobile Racking Systems are perfect when space is at a premium and you require 100% accessibility.

Mobile Racking Systems consist of a specifically designed racking system which bolts to a mechanically operated mobile base. Which rolls inside a pre-fitted and floor flush track. When a specific rack is required, a mobile rack fixed control or mobile control is pushed and the mobile rack moves along revealing the required rack and allowing the truck to access the aisle. 

We design a mobile racking system with a standard aisle for use with a forklift or a smaller aisle for use with a ‘flexi’ truck. Sensors and sirens ensure that racking will not move or close if people of trucks and pallets are operating within the racking.  

Benefits of Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking Systems are a premium service, which require an extensive amount of work, however the fact an existing truck can be used with them and the that they utilise 95% of warehouse storage space means they are extremely competitively priced over the long term.

We design, supply and install mobile pallet racking and more bespoke mobile systems, which often means the additional design and installation of bespoke shelves to store specific items such as cylinders, tyres, glass etc.


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