Dynamic Live Storage Racking

First In, First Out Storage and Logistical Solution

What is dynamic live storage Racking?

Dynamic Live Flow Racking is a common type of F.I.F.O (first in first out) storage system.

Using a roller system fitted at a specific angle, pallets are placed on rollers at a ‘goods in’ area where they roll down the rack towards a ‘goods out’ area.  Roller brakes ensure that pallets stay at a slow and steady pace and stop when they meet the previous pallet, end barriers ensure that pallets can not pick up speed, fall off the end of the racking or potentially damage stock.

Live Storage Racking is common in the manufacturing industry as it has two uses, it provides a very suitable storage solution for pallets up to 30 bays deep and also reduces wasted energy used by trucks transporting and lifting the pallets on and off racking, the racking itself has no energy consumption level, is very low maintenance, suitable for all environment conditions including cold stores and helps create a safer warehouse environment with reduced fast moving machinery; limiting the potential for personnel injury and racking and stock damage. 

Live Pallet Storage Racking can be used with a number of handling vehicles including the common counter balance truck.

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