Double Deep Pallet Racking Installation – Case Study

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Location: Tyne & Wear

Our project managers were asked to quote for the installation of a 2800 pallet location galvanised pallet racking system in the Newcastle area. As a Newcastle based racking company we were able to provide a highly cost effective quotation using our own local and highly trained pallet racking installers. The project involved the installation of a double deep galvanised pallet racking system with racking protection including end of rack barriers and column guards and pallet support bars as a safety precaution.   

Our installers arrived and began marking out the site for the racking, a difficult task as we had to work around electricians who were running late on their own project. Once this was done and it was clear that the racking would fit with all the relevant aisles we began ‘jigging’ the frames, space was limited and we had to design a stacking order for our materials to ensure they were not in the way as we began erecting the pallet racking. The installation process was slow and steady but to schedule. With the racking installed we began work on the racking safety and protection elements. Firstly we installed the pallet support bars then the end of rack barriers and column guards. With this completed the racking was ready to be stocked by the client.

The client was extremely happy with the project and our services. 

At JOG Consultants we can supply pallet racking installation services for clients who have been let down or are looking for experienced pallet racking installers as well as a full design, supply and installation service.

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