An Archive Racking Project – Case Study

2 Tier Archive Racking System

Location: Tyne & Wear

With a growing reputation for bespoke archive solutions JOG Consultants was approached by a Newcastle based and North East operating firm who required our guidance to design a 28,000 box archive storage centre for important documentation.

Using the latest AutoCAD design programs we designed a bespoke racking system using every feasible space in the 675 sq metre warehouse. After providing a number of proposals it was decided the most suitable system was a two tier racking system with a timber mezzanine floor, using the full height of the 9m warehouse and allowing for bespoke ladders to enable 100% accessibility.

Adjustable Pallet Racking is the standard types of pallet racking, consisting of frames bolted to the ground and adjustable beams which can be altered as required. 

We used our own experienced pallet racking installers to install this bespoke system on a tight ten week schedule. The major construction issue was due to a lack of storage space for materials as we built the system, but using a prearranged schedule and using experience evolving over 30 years, we were able to overcome this issue. 

As project managers for this archive project we were also asked to arrange for the installation of all electrics including standard and emergency lighting, smoke detection and the alarm systems, once these were fitted we were able to complete the installation by installing the staircases and mesh protection to all exposed areas. In all the project was finished on time and to budget. The ‘JOG Consultants  Standard‘.

” A fine installation making the best use of space available. All went to plan and the project was completed within our time scale. I would highly recommend JOG Consultants“.

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